Monday, January 19, 2009

Rhonda's cradle

baby time is fast approaching! Grandpa made a beautiful wood frame and with successful hunting has some elk teeth to add to the other dangling bits (brass thimbles, brass shoe buttons, special beads given to us by our wonderful friend Marjy etc). I'm still working on my part of the project but am making some progress! With my lack of sewing knowledge/skill I've used a local seamstress to help with the canvas; previously she was busy and it took awhile to get things done but now business has slacked so she will have time to do a few more bits for me. Saw some really fun liner material (flannel Sesame Street print) but am still looking for a cooler calico...summers in Oklahoma don't favor flannel, even when its super cute. Lots more work to do but the baby is coming soon so I'll have to really get going pdq!!