Sunday, June 3, 2012

Finishing up outstanding projects

Ordinarily I do lots of craft and bead work over the winter but this year I started a few projects and never finished. So May was the month for completing odds and ends....finished a pair of woodland style baby moccs; finished my own checkbook cover; made a medallion necklace that had been promised in Spring 2011 and also did plenty around the house: put in a new raised bed veggie garden; cleaned the deck and set up my gazebo for outdoor summer living; cleaned the home office (making it possible to even reach the craft storage area) and am getting ready to strip the old layers of wallpaper from my dining room.
Then comes word that a friend is pregnant and so I offered to make a cradle (not sure if it will be a newborn soft cradle or a full Kiowa style cradle) and I also offered to make a pair of Creek/Seminole baby moccs for another friend. Whew! Also found a nifty pattern for a white buffalo rosette that I will try and see how it looks...rosette making is good practice and if they turn out ok I save them and use for small hide bags (easy to make and perfect for birthday or Christmas gifts). I forgot to photograph the medallion necklace but it became a yellow version of a daisy pattern that I had made before...
(a small bag I made for a Caddo friend...I like how the rosette pattern turned out)

added bone hair pipe and Crow beads to the lacing, should be about what my friend was wanting I think.
Its so nice to have a clean office and have all my craft items neatly put away where they belong. Its also great to complete so many little projects and honor old commitments before starting new ones. And it nice to relax a bit and work on rosettes; I look forward to seeing how that buffalo will turn out!