Saturday, February 25, 2012

Checkbook cover pt 1

I've been wanting a checkbook cover for awhile now and it seemed like a good project (not too big and also useful). I like to work out the kinks on a first draft before making something to give away and there are plenty of mistakes on this one! I am beading on a soft interface (need to use a stiffer, heavier weight instead), doubled and held in a quilting frame. When done I'll attach it to a thin hide (split or chamois). It won't be great but I'll enjoy having it and hopefully I am learning as I go!!

Friday, February 3, 2012

Practice makes....something

as noted in my last post I decided to get back into the habit of bead work with a small rosette displaying the Medicine Wheel design. This image is often seen on the Plains and reflects balance, harmony, respect for the 4 directions and knowledge. I used size 11/0 French luster beads and it started out a bit wobbly, but after 2 days of work it was looking very nice...until I realized that I had placed the colors backwards! If it had been another design I would have let it go but such a sacred image deserves more respect; pulled it apart and returned the beads to their containers. I will try again using Japanese delicas for a tighter fit and this time will pay attention to color placement. Hopefully this time will be easier after all that practice!!