Thursday, March 3, 2011

new dress

ages ago I planned a new pow wow dress for as far as ordering the fabric, a nice green wool known as 3 band broadcloth and I started picking up some brass sequins each time I placed a bead order. A friend had offered to make it for me as I don't sew but then her life got busy with a baby, work and her own projects. Happily another friend agreed to make it for me in exchange for some bead work. She has just finished it and will be sending to me to add the brass embellishments.

I have to make new moccasins (have a tan cowhide waiting for me to start) as well as the small beaded pouches that hang from a considering ordering the leather & brass concho belt from a shop in Tonkawa OK rather than make it myself (they do such nice work and their prices are quite fair). For a look at their work see:

may also ask my friend to make a new shawl...perhaps cream fabric with emerald fringe. Her ribbon work shawls are so amazing but likely out of my price range for now. She made my fan which is incredible! See some of Tracy's work at: