Friday, July 31, 2009


for some time now I've been trying to find a horse pattern...would like to make leather horses and then decorate with masks etc (see the wonderful book American Indian Horse Masks, well worth the $65 purchase price!). Got a pattern to make small plush horses; fortunately its easy since I don't really some fleece fabric and this amazingly soft yarn made from bamboo. Here's my 1st attempt...its so soft. I gave it to Jameson but his mom won't let him have it (says he will slobber all over it...I say slobber away kid). I will try to adjust the pattern into more of my dolls' size and then make with split suede, decorated with beaded martindale etc. I may finally be close to what I want to do!

Thursday, July 9, 2009

Summer craft work

finally started a new project, a doll for a graduation gift...trying some new things this time around but will need to readjust my patterns (wish I had thought of that before I beaded the moccasin parts). Took a long time to get started, am distracted with other life activities such as yard work but several rain days have kept me inside and at the craft table. Needed to clear some space so I finished up a bola (another graduation gift), did some rosette work and organized my supplies a bit. Its nice (but a bit daunting) to start a new doll; this one will have a fully beaded dress which is new for me...still thinking about designs while I work on the borders and am consulting books more than usual, especially Susan Jennys' 19th Century Plains Indian Dresses. Here's a partial view of the back yoke (done in 13/0 beads). I'll try not to get distracted with other projects, this one will be time consuming enough for now!