Saturday, September 18, 2010


hard to believe that I haven't done any beadwork in weeks; finishing Connor's cradle involved sewing the fabric so actual beadtime has been a month or almost 2...partly this is due to getting back into a new semester, my need to do research, a bunch of junk is piled in my office and actually blocks the cabinet where all my beads/fabrics/hides etc are stored, and I've been seriously under the weather after some traveling. I see no end in sight to these impediments...

Even though I do beadwork all year long I really think of it as a winter activity, best done on a Saturday while curled up on the couch watching old western movies. I don't really have any specific projects in mind but should eventually get to my new moccasins, could start a few things for xmas gifts, and really should prepare for a class I may be teaching at a local historical society in November.

Sometimes I look thru other people's blogs...seems everyone does scrapbooking, quilting, knitting etc but have found almost no other beading blogs to follow for inspiration....there are a few but they don't seem to post on a regular basis. I suppose I will eventually feel the urge to clear the path to the cabinet and wonder when that will be.

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Connor's cradle

finally finished my cradle just in time to take to mom & dad...they seemed happy with it. Need to make the lizard amulet for his umbilical cord but they just moved from London to New York and its in a box on a cargo ship somewhere on the Atlantic so I have time to get it done