Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Dolls and ponies

I haven't made a doll for a long time and am starting to miss them; have been busy working on the cradle for RSF and a few odds/ends, mostly small hide bags. Soon I'll start making xmas gifts, maybe some beaded gauntlets/gloves. One doll element that I'm anxious to try is a horse; found an interesting pattern on a 4-H website but hes a bit too detailed if you get my meaning! So I'll try to modify the pattern and see how it goes. Then I found ones for sale on ebay; I googled the artist, Marty Cuny, and his name shows up as a stuntman for Hollywood films about Sioux folks. Hmmm. Hopefully I'll find other examples of his work as it is really inspiring. I've found a few old plains horses, including this Comanche horse and rider, but not sure if they were intended for play or more serious business.

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