Monday, December 14, 2009

Gifts that keep on giving...

my friend Rhonda gave me a subscription to American Indian Art Magazine for xmas, so very nice of her! I had some time remaining on my subscription so they just added it on and I will continue to receive for another 2 years....its a very nice magazine: comes out 4 times a year, printed on thick glossy paper, and the ads are every bit as fun as the actual articles! I have even ordered several gallery catalogs that were advertised.

I asked our university library to carry a subscription of this magazine and will ask students to read articles and use as a source for research papers in the future. It is not a well indexed publication however, a fact which can be frustrating for researchers...however the University of Oklahoma's Western history library has older issues and the indexes so I am able to xerox things when I go home from time to time

The latest issue has an article on Cree dolls and as usual Sherwoods gallery has a big ad, this one featuring several Cree dolls. This will make for fun reading over the holiday break!!

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