Monday, January 21, 2013

A nice diversion!

I confess I really do enjoy beadwork...its relaxing and is a nice way to spend a cold, snowy winter afternoon. I've tried hard to stay out of my craft supplies and haven't done any beading for nearly a year but I decided I needed to practice a bit and made up this buffalo rosette. Its my second time to use this pattern; made some adjustments to it and see I need to make a few more. When I have more time I will make up a small hide bag and attach....think my friend Marjy can use a pouch for small objects. I'll make the pattern again with a red/white/blue background but need to order more beads as I recently sent some to a friend who has been burglarized and lost several cases of them. This is a good time of the year to pick up deer hide as well so I'll also order a black split, they make super nice doll dresses and pouches.
Guess I need to get back to real work now......

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