Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Native Art class begins!

The new semester has begun and lots of students are enrolled in my class....we have been looking at examples of traditional arts from the major culture areas and later we will discuss some modern art forms. Students will create blogs & post on art they have found interesting & even provocative, sharing their thoughts with classmates. A few are learning about beadwork (starting with rosettes just to get our fingers limber) and may explore additional projects.

I'm looking forward to working on the other rosettes that will be part of Kaya's blanket strip, with the larger whale medallion in the middle. Some of my bead tools & supplies are parked in my campus office so perhaps I can grab a few minutes now and then to lay down a few!! I can work on these as students make their own...what could be more fun that beading, listening to music and drinking coffee in the afternoon in my new sunny office? Just wish I had comfy chairs...

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