Saturday, August 30, 2008

A new begining

A friend introduced me to this new blog opportunity and I hope to be as successful...I'd like to use this as a way of connecting with others who share some of my passions, especially bead work. It has become my favorite activity and I'd like to think I'm improving (but can always use some good tips and suggestions). I started by making Plains dolls and have slowly moved into larger pieces such as tobacco bags and now cradle boards. I wish I had more time as my list of projects continues to grow; up next are southern plains moccasins, the bag set for a belt, and decorations for a trade cloth dress that a friend will make for me (no, I don't sew despite my constant use of needle and thread). I'll post some photos of my projects, lists of sources that have helped me and links to sites I enjoy.

When not relaxing with my beads I try to explore other aspects of life, history, culture, photos etc. I will always be thankful for the kindness and assistance of my research partner, Alfred Chalepah Sr who has recently passed after 97 amazing years of life in SW Oklahoma. Much of my work is done in honor of him; I hope he will continue to guide me and bless my efforts.

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thank you for your good effort