Saturday, August 30, 2008


since I spend most of my time dreaming about projects I often find myself flipping thru craft catalogs; I even keep one on my desk at work but since I teach Native American Studies classes I can always tell my boss that I'm doing research (especially now that I am offering beadwork lessons to my college students). I don't live in Oklahoma anymore so don't have ready access to stores that cater to beadworkers such as Lyons in Tulsa or McKees in Anadarko. Now I rely on mailorder or vendors at pow wows. Here's who I like best: Crazy Crow down in Dallas (think it is owned by a Comanche family), they have almost everything and generally have the best prices. I also like Noc Bay in Michigan; they have some nice Great Lakes specialty items and I love the colored Nymo thread, plus I receive faster than Crazy Crow! A new find is Wandering Bull from the east coast; they sell to eastern folks including Iroquois customers and are the last ones to carry the old style brass sequins that I will add to my green saved list wool dress. They all have websites with current prices but I enjoy their catalogs. My favorite place for hide is Distant Drums on ebay; they have a nice selection at fair prices. Lastly is my local Tandy store; got a huge piece of rawhide recently and had a hard time explaining to my dogs why it wasn't a big chewie! I've seen the Fire Mountain site and overheard some ladies in Hobby Lobby talking about it but I don't do jewelry work and I never really go into the local beader boutiques either. If anyone has any other ideas please let me know!

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