Sunday, July 4, 2010

cradle tab

now that I have run out of white beads for the cradle project I need to think of what to do next...although I have no real instructions, the Whispering Wind article briefly mentions a rawhide stiffener which probably held the heavy beaded section up off the baby's head...(these were used in the other style of cradles too) so I will need to cut and trim and then soak & shape. I also need to bead the square tab (article says this was made from rawhide but I will make mine from buckskin as its easier to bead). Tabs were apparently decorated in a variety of ways including fringe, bells, beads, thimbles, beads etc so this will be fun to make. Not sure if it needs to be rigid and I don't know if it had a function or was merely decorative.
Once I have all the elements completed it shouldn't take too long to assemble them together. I would however prefer to finish all the bead work before I move on to another aspect but I can work around the time delay...

While I wait for the white beads (that have been back ordered) I can also start a lizard amulet for Connor's umbilical I did before I will stuff it with polyfill & sage, then leave it partially open for mom to fill and finish sewing closed.

So there is plenty more to do but its moving along...

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