Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Bead Jinx

rats...I need more beads! My 1st order for white beads for the cradle project was declined as they were out of stock, with a several week back order, so I substituted lusters. Obviously 2 hanks is not enough so I reordered and now these have been back ordered...so much for working almost non-stop on this project to get it done quickly!

Its always interesting to see old pieces where bead colors have been substituted (maybe due to damage but more likely due to shortage). I often wonder if the maker was disappointed or did she just accept it as one of those things...

Getting a different batch of beads can be a problem as colors may not always match up...but I'm hoping that luster white will be less of a concern; fortunately I can start a new band with the fresh ones so the change would be less noticed (except by me). But I don't like mistakes in my work and am a bit disappointed by this temporary delay. Hope the baby doesn't grow too fast in the meantime.

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