Tuesday, June 1, 2010

more rosettes

Thought I would make some items to give to the kids at this year's Caddo youth culture camp but they will have craft time and are going to make their own beaded bags...however Tracy says my things can be given to the adults who are volunteering their time so I went back to work, mostly making rosettes and sewing them on small canvas and small hide bags. Here's one that turned out nicely; saw something similar being offered by Dean's Pawn in OKC via their Ebay page. Its a nice pattern and seemed to come together without mistakes (I really like when that happens!). I'm almost tired of doing rosettes but may have one more left in me (inspired by a simple quilled one I found on the internet); have the hide bag already made so it just needs the rosette and edge beading...they look pretty good and would be a nice place to keep some special little treasure.

Have been invited to a college graduation party for one of my students...hope to make something for her this week, maybe a small bag with floral bead work. I'm sure she would appreciate something handmade.

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