Saturday, June 12, 2010

projects, projects...

have been so busy beading the past few weeks...made a graduation gift for a student (hide bag with flower rosette); finished making 10 small bags (hide & canvas) for the Caddo Youth Camp adult volunteer gift sacks and they are all boxed up and ready to ship! Also made a small hide bag with a rosette for a friend who sent me 2 coloring books for my journal article (read my other blog for details) and just started working on a cradle cover for a friend with a new baby. Am making yet another rosette for the top of the hood and ordered beads for the lazy stitch rows...I had given away my new Noc Bay catalog and needed to place a small order to get another one; they have colored Nymo thread (good for edge work) so I picked up 2 more colors along with the beads & white nymo. I like ordering from NB; they are located in Michigan so items arrive quickly and they have a smaller shipping charge (buth they also have a limited selection). In the event I finish the big rosette before those arrive I may start the lizard amulet for the umbilical cord. Note to self: absolutely no more rosettes for a very long time!!

Next up will be either the doctors bag or a blanket strip for a friend who is retiring. I need some serious amount of beads for the large strip and so it may have to wait until after a payday. Have been looking for examples on the internet & discussion, but there isn't much. Read that the older ones used bigger beads (am guessing small sized pony beads) while new ones use seeds. An old issue of Whispering Wind had an article on strips so I may have to order to get more familiar with the project. My friend is not particular on the colors or patterns but most of the older ones were generally limited to blue & white. Technically it won't be difficult: lazy stitch long rows on a canvas backing, add 4 large rosettes and cover the thread with a hide backing. But they are big: 5-6 feet in length and 4-6" wide so it will take time and I'm a bit unsteady with keeping my lazy rows even & straight. Still its nice to do an old time project, one that has some meaning behind it.

Went to a nearby town this weekend and shopped in a bead store. It was mostly jewelry materials but they had a nice selection of seed and delica beads so I bought a tube of blue/purple and another of lime green. They are nice colors and I look forward to using them somewhere.

Guess my quill work efforts will have to wait a bit longer...

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