Sunday, May 11, 2014

Native Art class, Fall 2014

Several years ago I proposed creating a Native Am art class, which was approved, but other teaching obligations prevented me from offering it. Surprisingly there are no similar courses within the Indian University system.

I anticipate half the students will have a Fine Arts background, while the others will be Anthropology majors, a good mix of understandings. Hopefully all will try their hand at something...perhaps using class ideas in their art labs, making ceramics or paintings inspired by Native themes. Others may be willing to do some workshops on beading, dolls, or moccasins. Perhaps someone will be ambitious and consider making a bandolier bag! I wish I had personal experience with basketry and porcupine quill work. So many wonderful friends possess knowledge & skills but live too far away...Donna makes Cherokee baskets, Tracy makes awesome Southern Plains feather fans, and Rhonda is better at peyote stitch than I am (just can't figure out those patterns!).

It will be fun!

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