Thursday, August 29, 2013

weaving updates

I found a great suggestion in one of my new weaving books on how to make a loom; it was basic and I did it myself. Its a good size (3 x 4) for small pieces, but I can use it for more than just samplers or coasters. It is easy to assemble/disassemble for storing, but once it is warped it will be in my living room for a long time so I need to figure out a way to protect it from the cats!

A friend ordered some hand-dyed Churro wool from New Mexico; I had saved their web address as I was planning to order from them myself! I will get some more yarn plus warping wool and tools.

Went to a nice Native art store in Michigan last weekend and bought a small sampler just to keep myself focused...the shop owners buy directly from Navajo & Pueblo artists. Its a simple piece and wasn't expensive....just needed a little something to remind me of what I'd like to try and achieve one day!!

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