Saturday, August 3, 2013


In a high school art class I wove a new seat for an old folding camp was such a fun project but that's all the weaving I've even done, so I decided its time to learn a bit more. I plan to get a Navajo style loom; found some basic plans on the internet and thought to either make it myself or to have my neighbor who does furniture refinishing & cabinetry make one. I found several web sites for weaving classes; students use a small table size loom to learn warping and basic techniques. They also had some book recommendations, so I will start this way too (but without the benefit of classes taught by experienced weavers). 2 books are ordered and I found a weaving supply website that carries looms, tools and wool (actually I found several good sites) so I know how to get started. It looks to be a good activity for cold winter days stuck inside except I should be doing bead work on those days, with plenty of projects waiting for my attention!
Part of this desire to weave is my frustration at not finding an affordably priced blanket to use for baby Kaya's whale blanket strip...the closest is the Pendelton whale but its too would be the Hudson Bay white with blue stripes but its out of production; vintage HB blankets can be expensive but I'm trying to snag one! Alternatively I can make one, or a wool wall hanging of some kind anyway.

But I'm not vain enough to think I can ever produce something particularly grand, still I can try and in doing so learn about the history and traditions of SW weaving plus have a better appreciation of the art form by understanding it more. So I'll start small and see how it goes...I'm sure the cats will enjoy the wool yarn!

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