Friday, July 1, 2011

Blanket strip pt 1

I started my first blanket strip; have made 2 of the 4 medallions so far. They are 3" in diameter which is a bit small but they will become a little larger with a dark blue border. The hourglass design is common on the plains but the blue & white is found most often in Cheyenne and Lakota Sioux bead work; these colors were the first to be brought to the plains as seen in early Bodmer paintings of Mandan folks made in the 1830s.

I also purchased canvas and will stretch it in my large Q-Snap quilting frame, lightly sketch out strip dimensions (approximately 64" in length and 2.5" wide) as well as the location of any designs (still thinking about that), and then attach the medallions so I can bead around them.

The bead size 10/0 doesn't seem large enough to me, but the more traditional pony beads are more expensive. I wish I had ordered more colors too; so I picked up some 10/0 in dark blue and a very pretty pink at Hobby Lobby but not sure if I will use them except for the dark blue border. As this is a man's gift the pink doesn't seem quite right...have given some thought to ordering more beads, but 2 colors can be enough I guess and I'm too impatient to await their delivery. Perhaps the next one will be more colorful.

For more info on robes and their decorations see:

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