Monday, July 2, 2012

In a far away future....

Years ago I saw images of beaded doctor's bags and fell madly in love with them. Finally I found a set of instructions in the amazingly great craft magazine "Whispering Wind" so I bought 2 old bags on Ebay with the thought that I might try. The bags arrived and I realized they were more like traveling valises, too big for my initial effort and so they sit, rejected in a corner of my office. Today a box arrived...a wonderful friend found a small one for me and it will be just the perfect size. These bags appeared on the northern plains in the late reservation era when women had more time on their hands and were being exposed to government doctors and even veterinarians. The style evolved into women's handbags as well as covering small boxes....the activity probably ended in the 1920's or 1930's but a few artists are doing them still. So here is my rough bag which is in really good condition (smells a bit due to its age and the inside will need to be relined, but according to the instructions that is not unusual) as well as some examples of what I hope to achieve (nothing quite so elaborate for my first attempt but I like a good challenge). I think I may sell the 2 large bags and use the money to buy beads....hard to say when such a project could happen given that I have some other work to do but maybe this next winter. With sincere appreciation to Jethro for his kind generosity (maybe he will even get the bag back at some point in the future).

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