Saturday, July 7, 2012

Natl Museum of the American Indian

one of my favorite books is Identity by Design published by the Smithsonian featuring native women's clothing and art...there are gorgeous close up color photos of bead work decorating women's hide & cloth dresses, historic photos showing women in their lovely outfits and informative text on how they were made. There are many photos of other items as well including cradles, moccasins, purses etc. Women are usually not well represented in art books on Indians, despite the fact that they made many (if not most) of the items worn by tribal members, and that their own clothing was just as elaborate as men's.

I was super delighted to see the NMAI on-line store selling notecards from the book & collection so ordered some for myself and friends. Now I see that I will need to order more to pass along to other friends!! If I owned a nice stationary & fountain pen shop I would stock these.                       
They are available at:
NMAI has a great website with all kinds of nifty information and if you are needing/wanting a book on Native American women's art I recommend this one, you will love it!!

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